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Free Crossword Solver is the most comprehensive crossword puzzle solver on the net. We use a hint based system which allows you to include hints to the words you are looking for and we use multiple dictionaries to search from for your crossword puzles. Our crossword dictionary includes The Standard English Dictionary, TWL and SOWPODS (Scrabble© based dictionaries), ENABLE (Words with friends dictionary/Zynga©), French, German, Basic English and Spanish. So many choices you thought you died and gone to heaven. Get the solutions to crosswords you are looking for with games like USA Today, New York Times, Cipher crosswords, Diagramless crosswords, Fill-in crosswords, Crossnumbers, Acrostic puzzles and Arroword here at
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Our crossword solver while very sophisticated is very simple to use. We help you find solutions based on hints and multiple dictionaries. Simple enter in the length of the word, any clues (if any) that might help find your solution as well as letters you might already know. Once you enter in all that data and click Solve we will return every possible word that will be the best match based on the criteria you entered. Get the help you need with our crossword solver. is a site for entertainment purposes only. All images, text and dictionaries pertaining to companies are the sole right of those companies and is not associated or affiliated with said companies.© is protected under the US Copyright Laws